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Integration orchestration native to Salesforce

You've got headaches from integrating data in Salesforce. We've been there before and we know that pain. Valence is the tool we wanted to use but it didn't exist in the market, so we built it. We built it for you and everyone else that wonders why integrating Salesforce with other systems is so hard.

Precisely crafted from the ground up to be powerful and extensible, it's a proper framework for others to leverage for their own success. Layer on top of that engine a carefully-designed user experience focused on making complex things intuitive, and you've got a gem of a tool that is going to make you wonder how you ever did data integration in Salesforce without it.

Insight into your data movement

Gain access to a better understanding of your data movement. What data moved? Where did it go? When did that happen? How did it go? When will it happen again? Finally, get answers to these questions and many more.

Configure data movement with clicks

Use a crisp Lightning interface to dynamically inspect disparate systems and wire data synchronizations together, using a common interface built right in Salesforce where you already live and work.

Built to be extended

Stop reinventing the wheel. Use Valence to handle nuts and bolts stuff like error recovery, reporting, and volume scaling, then add your custom system or transformations on top using our Adapter and Filter interfaces. Catalyze your success.

Data Admins

Finally be in charge of your own destiny. Wire up inbound and outbound data to your Salesforce Org how you want it, when you want it. Something happened to go wrong? No problem, Valence has detailed logging that gives you a clear look at the insides of your integration process when you need it.


Work with a framework designed by developers, for developers. Valence is extensible, so if it doesn't connect to your system yet then you can write your own code to fill in the gaps.


Empower yourself to be bold with your vision and connect more systems together. Get that 360 degree view of the customer you've always dreamed of having but couldn't because your data lived in different places.


Adapters know how to talk to an external system. You can install them from the AppExchange or develop your own custom ones as well. Each Adapter can be seen, configured, and managed from this central application.


A Link is a connection between a Salesforce object and a table/object on an external server. Links are the basic building blocks in Valence and you will use them to configure what data moves where, and when.


Mappings are children of Links and define specifically which fields are synchronized between Salesforce and external systems.


Filters allow you to perform transformations to records as they move between systems. Some Filters come installed with Valence, and you have the ability to install additional Filters from the AppExchange or develop your own custom ones.

Help us connect

We built Valence beacuse there wasn't an integration tool on the market powerful enough to meet our customers requirements, yet simple enough for the customers to use themselves. With that in mind, integration should not be about complex, bespoke software that hides away on a server somewhere requiring a team of experts to change or maintain. Likewise, it shouldn't be an easy but basic tool that can only do half of what you require from it.

We'd like Valence to be a representation of what people want from an integration platform. Let us know what's important to you, and we'll consider the best ideas for future development.

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